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BLOG HOP: Crowley's Pub

Hi, I'm Angelica Cross and welcome to Crowley's Pub. I built and have owned the building since 1881. It was my second venture in the city of Chicago, right after founding our local blood bank, the first one in the city, actually. You might have read about the pub in Lily Luchesi's Paranormal Detectives Series, which is, coincidentally, where I'm from

Crowley's is located in downtown Chicago, not far from Lake Shore Drive and the building that houses the Paranormal Investigative Division of the FBI. Crowley's was named for Aliester Crowley, a friend of mine back in England in the nineteenth century who helped me get started with hunting once my father went rogue. You might have heard of him (Crowley, not my psycho father). Most people think I named the place after the character on the TV show Supernatural.

Here at Crowley's you can order a killer cheeseburger and shot of Jack Daniels, but the more eclectic clientele can also order pints of AB negative blood warmed to perfection, and beef hearts, uncooked or roasted as desired. It's a place for us paranormals to get together and behave normally (well...normal for us, anyway) without persecution.

I can't tell you how many business meetings I've hosted here, most recently and notably while my partner Danny Mancini and I were hunting the evil witch Fiona Guilfoyle. But aside from business, I go here for fun. There are always interesting travelers from other lands stopping by, parties, even once a convention of fae folk. I've even been known to drop by and mix drinks behind the bar when the mood strikes me. So come on by and stay for a drink...and a bite.

Want to see what my friends and I get up to when we're at Crowley's? Then click here and let the adventure begin! xoxo

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