October 1, 2019

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2017 Pages of Fear Blog Hop (GIVEAWAY)

October 19, 2017

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2017 Pages of Fear Blog Hop (GIVEAWAY)

October 19, 2017


Welcome to the first ever Pages of Fear blog hop. It’s a pre-Halloween event celebrating authors who like to fright and delight with their writing. As you progress through the twenty-eight blogs/websites you’ll learn about authors you may already know and be introduced to some new ones.
Everyone loves the opportunity to get something free. All of the authors have gathered together to give ONE lucky winner signed copies of their books (one per author). You may even find other types of giveaways on their sites so, keep your eyes open. While you’re looking you want to locate the secret word on each site. Make a list of the words in the proper order. When you reach the final destination (
Authorsfbenson.com), you’ll find an email address. Send your list to it. The winner will be selected courtesy of random.org.
Get on your marks.
Get set.


(Just a special little post for this blog hop only, an introduction into my Paranormal Detectives Series' world, brought to you by Angelica Cross, the character who hijacks this blog whenever she has something to say.)

Hello, humans. (Or non humans; anyone reading this get a little furry in the moonlight or suddenly crave tomato juice at sunset?) My name is Angelica, and as it is Halloween season, I am releasing my annual PSA from the Paranormal Investigative Division. Believe it or not, most paranormal creatures don't become more powerful on All Hallow's Eve. Witches don't go out looking to kidnap children dressed up and high on candy, vampires don't hunt for fresh blood, and werewolves won't turn involuntarily unless it's a full moon.


Halloween is a great day for asshole humans to try and scare or hurt children. And since Halloween has long been considered my peoples' holiday, I take it upon myself to send my agents out on patrol all over the world.

So you want to dress up as a vampire and paint your skin porcelain? Go for it. Wanna wrap yourself in toilet paper to be a mummy? Fine by me. Because on Samhain the things to fear aren't the creatures you portray. October 31st, you just might find yourselves in the debt of a shape-shifter or a ghoul. Or even a little old vampire like me.

So, humans, on Halloween you should have nothing to fear from us...unless you give us a reason. So please, do give us a reason. We can all use a little fresh blood now and again.

Happy Halloween!

xoxo Angelica


(Find out what kind of creatures Angelica was talking about in The Paranormal Detectives Series, available now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.)


Once there was a very special _______ doll. She had been well-______ for
________. Kept on a _______ when there weren’t any young girls to play with her. And brought out and cherished when young ________ were in the __________.
Eventually, the toy was forgotten and relegated to a _______ in the attic. The house was eventually ________ and all of its belongings were either sold, given away, or ________ into a ________ at the curb.
But the doll… she __________.

Shortly before the ________ collectors arrived, a young couple comes upon the
_________. Immediately, the doll’s _______ face and _________ clothes catches the woman’s _________.
“Rebecca, you can’t be serious. That’s a piece of ________,” the man points out.
She reaches into the jumbled ______ and pulls the ______ out. “This is an _______. I can _______ she’ll go for top dollar. She just needs a little love and care.”
The young ______ just shakes his head and continues walking down the
_________. His wife was good for finding trash and turning it into a ___________.
Rebecca took the hem of her ________ and wiped some of the dirt off the doll’s face. “You have a _______ now.”
She _________ the _______ in the doll’s eye.


To continue the hop, please go to Layla J Omorose's website: http://jthomas121088.blogspot.com/

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